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What company invented the popular purchasing system Hire Purchase?

Hire purchase was first put into regular public service in the  1850's by Edward Clark, partner to Isaac Merritt Singer. This  allowed for the Hire Purchase of Singers new s (MORE)

What is the History of hire purchase?

Definition Amethod of paying for a product in which the buyer pays a deposit followed by a series of installments over a period of time. Ownership remains with the seller or (MORE)

Difference between sales and hire purchase?

1. In a sale, property in the goods is transferred to the buyer immediately at the time of contract, whereas in hire-purchase, the property in the goods passes to the hirer up (MORE)
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Which are the merits of hire purchasing system?

In any countries.....middle income families are higher.By using HIRE PURCHASING SYSTEM they can buy equipment that they need and only pay a small amount as monthly payments in (MORE)

What is the difference between hire hypothecation and hire purchase?

Hire purcase is somthing to similar to instalment purcase through intermideary oa lender the ownershpi passes on it the byer no only after paying all the dues and installment (MORE)
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What are the salient features of Hire Purchase?

Ownership rests with the seller until all the installments have been paid. It is an arrangement between seller and buyer of goods, normally consumer appliances, wherein the bu (MORE)

Advantage of hire purchase?

One advantage of hire process is that it allows low-income  individuals to purchase items that would otherwise be out of their  budget. Hire purchase is also known as instal (MORE)