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Is Fergie hispanic?

Here is the real answer. Fergie says she gets her "fire" from her Hispanic ancestry. The Black Eyed Peas singer believes she inherited the passionate side of her charac ( Full Answer )
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What is Hispanic?

Answer . In English, the word "Hispanic" derives from the Latin word Hispania, which described the Hispanic peninsula, now occupied by both Spain and Portugal. The word, th ( Full Answer )
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What race is hispanic?

There's more than one race that's classified as Hispanic. Argentinian Brazilian Bolivian Belizean Chilean Costa Rican Colombian Cuban Dominican Ecuadori ( Full Answer )
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Who are the richest Hispanics?

Carlos Slim (Mexico) is the second richest person in the world after Mukesh Ambani (India) and before Bill Gates (USA) which makes him the richest Hispanic . Carlos Slim is o ( Full Answer )
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Is Ronaldinho hispanic?

No he is form brazil. when he played for them he was number 10 but now plays for ac milan #80
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Is Bahamas hispanic?

No the Bahamas is not Hispanic. 80% of the people are of African ancestry and the other are of European decent.
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Are nicaraguans hispanic?

YES ! All Nicaraguans are Hispanic. We are made up of indian/spanish/black. Some of course as you can tell were mixed along the way with black or Germans, and that's why they ( Full Answer )
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If your hispanic can you be a Nazi?

Yes, in fact during the civil war in Spain the Nazis were the allies of Fransisco Franco, leader of the winning side.
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Are Asians hispanic or non-hispanic?

Many scientists and people believe asians might be similar to hispanics, except hispanics are more closer to white.
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What is your race if your are Hispanic?

You are a Spanish speaker. - it actually is an American term referring to people that speak Spanish and have their origins in Mexico or the countries to the south of Mexico.