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What is a Historian?

a historian is a scholar of history . 1. A writer, student, or scholar of history. 2. One who writes or compiles a chronological record of events; a chronicler. Sou (MORE)
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What historians do?

Historians are people who trained to investigate the past. Historians show us what the past was like. Some times Historians discover new evidence and consider different inte (MORE)
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Can a historian be objective?

Historians are objective every single day of the week. Some can be biased when they insert their own feeling and opinions into a subject such as racial oppression or homosexua (MORE)

How does historians think?

Historians think in many different ways. Some historians are only interested in who the leaders of a country were, how the country acquired its territory, or what the great ba (MORE)
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What do the historians do?

Historians study the past through speeches, old texts and other resources they can find and then create theories about the time being studied. Archaeologists, like historians, (MORE)