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What does a historian do?

A historian is a scholar or researcher who uses a wide range of tools, techniques and sources to understand the past and how societies and people have changed over time.
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How do you become a historian?

Well there are different types of historians, if you are a band historian, (which like I am) then you would take notes during meetings, you would keep records of everything th (MORE)
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What is a Historian?

a historian is a scholar of history . 1. A writer, student, or scholar of history. 2. One who writes or compiles a chronological record of events; a chronicler. Sou (MORE)
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What historians do?

Historians are people who trained to investigate the past. Historians show us what the past was like. Some times Historians discover new evidence and consider different inte (MORE)
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What is a scientific historian?

A historian that attempts to examine historical events scientifically. Meaning that they attempt to find objective truth within their studies, through the use of extensive res (MORE)
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Which is correct an historian or a historian?

"a" is for when a word starts with a consenant (non-vowel) sound, and "an" is for when a word starts with a vowel sound. We pronounce the H in historian so you would use "a".
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What is a liberal historian?

A liberal historian believes historical events are led byindividuals and political leaders, as opposed to a revisionisthistorian who believes events are led by mass movement o (MORE)
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What is a(n) historian?

an expert in or student of history, especially that of a particularperiod, geographical region, or social phenomenon
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What do the historians do?

Historians study the past through speeches, old texts and other resources they can find and then create theories about the time being studied. Archaeologists, like historians, (MORE)