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What is a liberal historian?

A liberal historian believes historical events are led by  individuals and political leaders, as opposed to a revisionist  historian who believes events are led by mass move (MORE)

What do contract historians do?

Contract historians can own or work for history businesses--firms that specialize in providing history services for a variety of clients, from preparing brochures for a histor (MORE)
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What historians do?

Historians are people who trained to investigate the past. Historians show us what the past was like. Some times Historians discover new evidence and consider different interp (MORE)
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What is a film historian?

depending on what type of films you are inquiring about they can be many different things. one such is someone who studies the history of films, another is someone who watches (MORE)

What gcse do you need to become a historian?

History is the obvious one, but also you would need at least a C in English and probably maths. You would need at least 5 A*-C GCSE passes so that you could go on to study his (MORE)
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What do the historians do?

Historians study the past through speeches, old texts and other resources they can find and then create theories about the time being studied. Archaeologists, like historians, (MORE)