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What is historical?

Anything that happened before you read this (basically anything that happened before the present time)
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Is it an historic or a historic?

It can be either, as "a historic" works better for a "hard H" (asin hit), while "an historic" is used where the H is soft or notpronounced (as in some British pronunciations). ( Full Answer )
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Is it an historic event or a historic event?

It has always been my my understanding that "an" should precede "historical" and "a" before "historic".
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Difference between historic and historical?

Most properly, there is no essential difference between "historic"and "historical", as both may be defined as "of or relating to thepast". In actual usage, however, "historic" ( Full Answer )
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Is it a historic or an historic?

A historic. In addition, the "h" in "historic" is not silent. If it was silent, then the answer would have been "an historic".
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What makes a historical event historical?

What happens in the past is all history. Whether it is of historical significance depends on one`s own point of view. What is historically important to you or your community o ( Full Answer )
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Should you you say an historical or a historical?

"I was taught, 55 years ago, an is used if the beginning letteris a vowel, vowel sound or an H." Today, we do not automatically use "an" in front of an "H", eventhough I just ( Full Answer )
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What is a historical pregnancy?

The term is hysterical. It means that a women believes that she is pregnant even though she is not carrying a child. Hope this helps you :)
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What are historicals and how do you get them?

Historical points on this site are those that were earnedprior to a major reorganization and software update thatsignificantly changed the site. They can no longer be earned ( Full Answer )
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How does a historical are differ from a historical event?

The difference between 'historic' and 'historical' is that Historicrefers to something "important," while Historical refers tosomething that relates to the past.