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What stopped the persecution of Christians?

Emperor Diocletian began the Great Persecution of Christians in 303 CE. After his abdication in the year 305, there was no interest on the part of the two Western emperors in (MORE)

Why did Nero order the persecution of Christians?

Emperor Nero has traditionally been accused of being the first  emperor to persecute the Christian Church, but there is no reason  to believe this to be the case, and this t (MORE)

How did Decius persecute Christians?

A:Decius, emperor of Rome 249-251, considered Christianity to be a recent and criminal superstition. It was also noted that the Church hierarchy seemed to enrich itself at the (MORE)

What comfort can Christians find in persecution?

Jesus said that if he was persecuted his followers would be to. So  if your being persecuted for righteousness sake it means your doing  something good. Psalms 37: 10,11 tel (MORE)

Who persecuted the Christians?

Nero was the first to persecute the chritians in the first century because there was a fire in rome and he blamed the christians for starting it because he did not want to b (MORE)

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Why are the Chinese Christians persecuted?

Control of religion is a goal of the atheistic Communist government. Any who will not join the government- regulated Three Self Patriotic Movement or the Catholic Patriotic As (MORE)

How where the Christians persecuted?

they were persecuted in a number of ways. crucifixion, eaten alive by wild animals, used as human torches, and many other terrible things. they were hunted down by the governm (MORE)

Who began the persecution of Christians?

Christian tradition holds that Emperor Nero (54-68 CE) began the official Roman persecution of Christians, even having the two greatest apostles, Peter and Paul, executed. Ho (MORE)
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What saint persecuted Christians?

A great many Christian saints persecuted Christians who held beliefs other than their own. It was a characteristic of the early Church that dissent was labelled heresy, and he (MORE)