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Which Roman Emperors persecuted Christians?

It was Emperor Nero, Emperor Decius and Emperor Diocletian     Unquestionably, Christians were persecuted by the orders of Decius,  Valerian and Diocletian. There a (MORE)

Why did Claudius persecute Christians?

Claudius was Roman Emperor between 41 and 54 CE. The historian, Suetonius, says, "Since the Jews were constantly causing disturbances at the instigation of Christ, he (Claudi (MORE)

What were the names of early Christians who were persecuted?

The Jewish historian, Josephus tells us that James, brother of Jesus, was stoned to death. Acts of the Apostles says that Stephen was persecuted and executed by the Jews. H (MORE)

Who persecuted the Christians?

Nero was the first to persecute the chritians in the first century because there was a fire in rome and he blamed the christians for starting it because he did not want to b (MORE)

Are Christians still being persecuted?

Yes. Christians have been persecuted since the days of Christ and prophecies in the Book of Revelation indicate they always will be. The kinds of persecution that Christians e (MORE)

Why did Paul persecute Christians?

Paul was born, raised, and educated as a Jew and became a tent maker like his father. When he came of age, he started studying at the temple under the wise Rabban Gamaliel. La (MORE)

Does Iraq persecute Christians?

There is now government protection of religious freedom. However, the ongoing insurgency and terrorism makes Iraq an extremely dangerous place for Christians, many of whom hav (MORE)

How long did the persecution of Christians last?

 Another answer from our community:    The persecution of Christianity has never really ended, the country  in which it takes place just changes from time to time.
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Why does the Christian church grow when it is persecuted?

Acts 8:1, 4 - At that time a great persecution  arose against the church which was at Jerusalem; and they were  all scattered throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria,  (MORE)