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Who was the historical Jesus according to scholars?

A great number of theologians from all parts of the world have  studied what parts of Jesus' life could be documented by outside  sources or could be considered 'plausible' (MORE)

What are Three different quest for the historical Jesus?

  The First Quest was an attempt to understand Jesus in more natural terms due the heritage of the Enlightenment. The result was a Jesus pictured as a great human example, (MORE)

Why is Jesus a historical person?

Jesus is historical because He came to earth and existed for a time in an earthly body. His life is documented both within and outside the Bible, more so than most historical (MORE)

Historically why did Jesus die and why are these historical factors theologically significant?

Strictly speaking, we can not write of Jesus dying in the historical sense, as we have no historical evidence of how or why he died. The only mention of why Jesus is said to (MORE)

What is the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus?

Josephus the Jewish historian mentioned his miracles as 'wondrousworks' and Tacitus the Roman. Pliny also mentioned a new 'sect'called the 'Christians' that had formed. Roman (MORE)

What are the arguments for historicity of Jesus?

The arguments for the historicity of Jesus are to be found in the Bible because there is no extra-biblical evidence from any non-Christian writer who was alive at the time att (MORE)

What are the arguments against historicity of Jesus?

Another answer from our community:One of the commonly used  arguments against the historicity of Jesus is that details of His  life and teachings and death etc were not ment (MORE)

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