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Who was the historical Jesus according to scholars?

A great number of theologians from all parts of the world have  studied what parts of Jesus' life could be documented by outside  sources or could be considered 'plausible' (MORE)

Is there any Historical proof that Jesus Exsisted?

    No physical proof exists. Only 3 mentions of Jesus christ in the first century in any writings. All of these occurred after the earliest writings of Paul which are (MORE)

Why is Jesus a historical person?

Jesus is historical because He came to earth and existed for a time in an earthly body. His life is documented both within and outside the Bible, more so than most historical (MORE)

What is the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus?

Josephus the Jewish historian mentioned his miracles as 'wondrous  works' and Tacitus the Roman. Pliny also mentioned a new 'sect'  called the 'Christians' that had formed. (MORE)

What is the historical evidence that Jesus really existed?

The Talmud   The ancient Babylonian Talmud, in Sanhedrin 43A, refers to Jesus and the fact that he was crucified on the eve of the Passover. The same document scornfully re (MORE)

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What are the arguments for historicity of Jesus?

The arguments for the historicity of Jesus are to be found in the Bible because there is no extra-biblical evidence from any non-Christian writer who was alive at the time att (MORE)

Could someone prove Five historically proven facts about Jesus Christ?

Yes, facts historically proven can be demonstrated to be true.    The five Gospels themselves are enough and historically reliable.  The existence of Christ is more pr (MORE)

What are four true historical assertions about Jesus?

   There is so little genuine historical evidence about Jesus. It is the nature of historical inquiry that the assertions contained in the gospels can not be claimed as (MORE)

How do the gospels try to show us that the resurrection of Jesus was a historical event not just something the apostles made up?

Mark's Gospel originally did not contain any material that attempted to show that the Resurrection of Jesus was a historical event. It originally ended at verse 16:8, after t (MORE)

Why were there so few historical records from Jesus life?

If the world doesn't recognize or acknowledge what is written  about Him as it is, more wouldn't make any difference. God's  inspired, Divinely-revealed Word is for those fe (MORE)