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What is the best way of teaching historiography?

Answer . When dealing with High School students it is good to challenge their misconceptions about history. Historiography is about the idea that history is a process, rath ( Full Answer )
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What is criticism of colonial historiography?

Some of the criticism of colonial historiography in African context were: I was too bias. Regarded Africa was not a historical continent, only history existed in Africa had ( Full Answer )
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What is Philippine Historiography?

Philippine Historiography is the history of the Republic of the Philippines. Philippine history can be traced back to the arrival of Magellan to present day. Many people hav ( Full Answer )
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What is colonial historiography?

Colonial historiography is a Style of histography.It is writinesite of english historian in the time of 19th century.
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Which best describes consensus historiography?

Consensus Historiography was a term that was popular in the 1950's. It was used in reference by the school of U.S. history. They had challenged that the Progressives and Marxi ( Full Answer )
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What is African Colonial historiography?

The writing of African History by non Africans especially the Europeans during the period of colonial domination is what is referred to as Colonial historiography. This was pi ( Full Answer )
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What is modern historiography?

The dictionary says historiography means the study of the techniques of historical research and writing.
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What does the term historiography refer to?

The term historiography is often used to define the study of history. It could also refer to a written account of history, or to the study of a particular person's work regar ( Full Answer )