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What is the origin of the Trinity from Ancient History Christian and Islamic perspectives?

Answer 1 (Islamic perspective)   Per Qur'an and Islam teachings, Trinity has no origin coming from  God and/or Jesus and/or any revelation from God to Jesus. God (who  i (MORE)

Why was Paul a key figure in the early history and development of Christianity?

Because of his education, his fluency in different languages, and  his ability to travel, St. Paul was able to spread Christianity to  different countries.    Answer (MORE)

Where is Ukraine?

The Ukraine is a country in eastern Europe between Russia on the east, Belarus on the North, Poland on the west, and Romania, Moldova, and the Black Sea to the south. https: (MORE)

What is the oldest Christian church in history?

ANSWER:   If by the word "church" you mean a community of believers and not a  building or a religion - then it is the believers lead by James,  the brother of Yeshua (J (MORE)
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How do you say Ukraine in Ukraine?

oo-krah-YEE-nah "oo" like in "cool" "ah" as the a in "tar" roll the "r" a little
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What does Ukraine export?

Weapons, metal, grain. Ukraine produces nearly all types of transportation vehicles and spacecraft. Antonov airplanes and KraZ trucks are exported to many countries. The major (MORE)

Why was the conversion of Constantine one of the most important turning points in Christian history?

 Without the conversion of Constantine, Christianity may have remained a minor sect within the Roman Empire. Certainly, it would never have achieved the ability to totally s (MORE)