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History of the electric guitar?

acoustic guitars have been around since the 1600s people will say so now in the 1900s electric guitars originated in America from a Swiss Immigrant named Adolph Rickenbacker (MORE)

What does an electrical engineer do?

electrıcal engıneers work wıth electrıcıty (from genratıon to utılızatıon). electrıcal engıneers desıgn,test and maıntaın electrıcal equıpments from the smalle (MORE)

What is the history of electricity?

Electricity has existed long before our planet has. It is a natural  occurrence in the universe. There have been some visionary geniuses  that have taken our understanding a (MORE)

The history of the electric pencil sharpener?

Samuel Forrester of Allegheny, PA invented the first electric  sharpener in 1910, but these gadgets did not become a commercially  viable until the 1940's. Different shapes (MORE)

What do you have to have to be a electrical engineer?

    Electrical engineers typically possess an academic degree with a major in electrical engineering.Bachelor's degree in engineering represents the first step towards (MORE)

What is the history of aeronautical engineer in the Philippines?

There was no specific date when this profession was started to invade the Filipino community. Based on the brief history of Society of Aerospace Engineers of the Philippines a (MORE)