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Who made the first hip hop music video?

Run Dmc "Rock Box" was released in 1984 and perhaps had the greatest impact of early hip hop music videos because of the song's success and video rotation on MTV. However, the (MORE)

Who started hip hop music?

Ivan The Great Is The Creator Of Hip Hop Music, the roots of Modern  hip hop music consist of a very unique element which makes it  distinct from all other music, the music (MORE)

How did people feel about hip-hop music?

i think it makes people angry and just makes people just wanna get there feelings out it all just depends on the song your listening to like Love the Way You Lie makes you fee (MORE)

What is the style of hip hop music?

The style of hip hop music is "rap". It was created in the South  Bronx of New York City in the 1970s. also we cannot forget about  the producers of hip hop they make music (MORE)

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