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Who have nuclear weapons?

Confirmed nuclear states: (In order of Nuclear Power) NPT States UK 1,000,000,000 and the super secret lemon party bomb Russia 3,800 USA 2,150 France 1,000 China 7 (MORE)

Are nuclear weapons considered nuclear power?

Yes. Project Orion from the mid 1950s until 1963 worked on using nuclear explosives to propel a payload from earth's surface to orbit. By cancelation in 1963 (due to Atmosp (MORE)

How is a nuclear weapon maintained?

From what I know about nuclear weapons: Tritium reservoir needs to be filled. High explosive section in the primary need to be checked for age and integrity. Neutron gen (MORE)

What weapon is a nuclear weapon?

actually nuclear weapons include all sorts of stuff like bombs,missiles and etc EDIT: A nuclear weapon is a bomb or missile which harnesses the power of nuclear fusion or (MORE)

What are nuclear weapon?

Nuclear weapons are weapons which are fueled by nuclear energy.  Examples of weapons that can be fueled by nuclear energy are  missile warheads and bombs.
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What if nuclear weapons were the only weapons?

The man has fists to hit,the legs to kick ,stone,knife,gun,M-16,missel and,of course,the nuclear weapons,all of these are defense for safety of life ,after the safety that wil (MORE)

How do nuclear weapons work?

I suggest reading Richard Rhodes books: The Making of the Atomic Bomb and Dark Sun. Wikipedia also contains good explanations. There are a number of different types that opera (MORE)
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Can nuclear weapons be recycled into nuclear energy?

The nuclear fuel in the weapons can be used, especially the U-235 content. In fact I believe this is being done in the US with weapons being deactivated. The U-235 will have b (MORE)