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When was the first joint operation in military history?

We have no knowledge of what the first of anything is, as our records go back only so far. Presumably 'joint' means a joint effort by two or all of army, navy, air force. Ea (MORE)

What is a operative system?

An operative system is a software serving as a foundation for processes on your computer. The operating system undertakes memory management and important security and stabilit (MORE)

What is clustered system operating system?

Clustering (means gather together) allows two or more system to shear storage closely linked via a local area network . Provide high reliability ( Its work never stopped).Asym (MORE)

What are the art history operations?

Step One: Description Step Two: Analysis Step Three: Interpretation Step Four: Judgment
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Why are operating systems called operating systems?

In simple terms, they help the computer to operate. They are the software that makes a computer work and enable users and applications to use them. They help operate the inter (MORE)