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Who had the most knockouts in boxing history?

Archie Moore has any where between 130 and 145 career KO's. BoxRec has 131 Here's a list that I have: BOXER* * * * (*boxer still active)* * * * * * * * KO* * * * CAREER Ar (MORE)

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Who had the most knockout percentage in boxing history?

    Edwin Valero = 100% knockout ratio     25 wins, no defeat, all 25 by KO. 19 of which in round 1
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What is the minimum age for professional boxing?

In the United States and in most of Europe, the minimum age to  become a professional boxer is 18. In Mexico, you can become a  professional boxer at age 15.
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How much can you get paid in boxing on your first professional fight?

A professional boxer will be paid about $500 per four-round fight.  If a fighter takes part in a six-round fight, they will make about  $750. An eight-round fight will have (MORE)