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Which country is Tibet in?

After the Chinese government took over Tibet in 1950, the former country of Tibet became a part of China. Many people feel that Tibet is still its own country and work to brin (MORE)

How is tibet unique?

The answer should be divided into two parts. Firstly, the culture. Buddhism is unbelievable popular in Tibet, people do ascetic practices to express their believes of Buddhism (MORE)

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Is Tibet a country?

No, Tibet is NOT a country. Actually, it is a STATE in China.   Comment   Actually, in all reality, Tibet is an autonomous region in southwestern China, controlled by (MORE)

What is a Tibet?

There's no such thing as "a" Tibet. Tibet is a country. Tibet is a plateu region in Asia, the highest region on earth. Sometimes it's even referred to as the "roof of the wo (MORE)

What is the capital of Tibet?

Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet before 1959. It was the  administrative center of Tibet and Gaden Podrang was the name of  the government. After Chinese invasion, Tibetan (MORE)

How many Buddhists are there in Tibet?

Solid figures are not available for Tibet but current thought is about 1.7 million Tibetans still living there (65% of the population) are Buddhists. (per adherents dot com)
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