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Who writes Wikipedia?

  Wikipedia can be edited by anyone on the Internet; this is its strength and weakness - anyone who spots an error can correct it, on the other hand vandalism often takes (MORE)

Is Wikipedia true?

Wikipedia is created by users. The validity of the answers depends on who entered the answer, what references they used and how much they really know. Any good researcher will (MORE)

Why is Wikipedia rubbish?

Because they tell you about what your looking up but in a random order and the simplest of searches they can't find they just give results which are completely different to co (MORE)

When was Wikipedia created?

Wikipedia's Creation   According to their own website, Wikipedia was created in January of 2001.
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What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a free internet encyclopedia that is created and  maintained by general users. Like this site, users can change  anything on it (subject to restrictions and fur (MORE)

How does Wikipedia earn?

  Wikipedia does not have any advertisements visible to the end user. I am sure, the huge amount of data storage and other administrative issues need some expenditures. Ho (MORE)

Is Wikipedia good for you?

Yes It helps improve your knowledge but sometimes it's wrong cause people change it to the wrong information
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How to delete a page history on Wikipedia?

Well when i first got my computer i was trying to figure the same thing how to delete my history.   All you have to do is..... at the top of your page in the right hand cor (MORE)