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Why is he hitting on you?

  Answer Boy Trouble     He is hitting on you cause he likes you or he wants you to notice him,to like him back. Or he just likes hitting on girls. YOU PICK AN A (MORE)

Is she hitting on me?

  Answer   It may just be the simple fact that he is a little attracted to you, or just simply because he thinks that you are attracted to him.   Answer   It (MORE)

How do you hit?

You should ask the dealer what the proper indication is. Usually the desire to be hit in Blackjack is indicated by bending a finger towards you, in a "come here" sign, or by p (MORE)

What is a hit?

In Field Hockey, it is either a goal or a physical attack. In technology, it is a unit of the number of people that have visited a web page/site.
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Should you hit someone when they hit you?

1.if someone hits you knock him out dont let him boss u around The choice is yours to make. And you have to live with the consequences which could be anything from murder ch (MORE)

What is hit?

  hit is to hurt someone in a physical way happy valentimes day!
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What are hits?

In terms of the internet : A hit is any positive match that a search engine finds. If you make a search on a website (Google or Yahoo for example) and you find a result, (MORE)