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When a batter is hit by a pitch is it counted as a hit or a walk in the record book?

  Answer   Neither. It is recorded as a "hit by pitched ball". The batter is not charged with an "At Bat", and is awarded first base, all other runners, if forced, (MORE)

How many hit records did The Beatles have?

They had forty nine Billboard Top 40 hits, beginning with 1964's 'I want to hold your hand' and ending with 1986's reissue of 'Twist and Shout'.   They originally charted w (MORE)

Who holds the ML record for most bunt hits in a career?

For the period 1959-2007   Brett Bulter had 442 bunt attempts, 226 of them for hits .511 average   Kenny Lofton had 297 attempts, 175 of them for hits .589 average   (MORE)

What is the A's record for the most career Hits?

Here's the all-time list as of the start of the 2008 season: OAKLAND A'S CAREER HITS H 1 Bert Campaneris 1882 2 Al Simmons 1827 3 Rickey Henderson 1768 4 Jimmy (MORE)

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