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What is a no-hitter?

Answer . Just what it sounds like. None of the opposing players got a hit. Unlike a perfect game, there can be walks or hit batters..
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What is a pinch hitter?

In baseball the PH is a substitute batter; usually for a short time. Generally, the term refers to anyone who can step in for someone else at work.
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What is a no hitter in baseball?

A no hitter is a game where the pitcher of one team throws an entire game without letting up a hit
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How many no hitters?

According to the announcers of the Atlanta Braves vs. the Colorado Rockies on April 17, 2010 the answer is 264 no hitters in major league history. Colorado Rockie Ubaldo Jimin (MORE)
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No hitter and lost?

The best-remembered hard-luck story involved Ken Johnson of the Houston Colt .45s (now the Astros). On April 23, 1964, he gave up no hits in a 1-0 loss to the Cincinnati Reds. (MORE)
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What are designated hitters?

Designated hitters, such as David Ortiz on the Red Sox, only bat. They do not have to play on the field.
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Can there be a walk in a no hitter?

Yes. A no hitter, by definition, is a pitched game where no opposing player reaches base by means of a base hit.. A walk will break up a perfect game. A perfect game is a pit (MORE)
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What is a hitters SNP?

In Baseball, mores specifically Sporting News Fantasy Baseball, SNP stands for Sporting News Points. It is a scoring tool for the Fanatasy Baseball Leagues indicating the va (MORE)
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What is a Pipe Hitter?

"Pipe Hitter" is military slang that originally referred to someonein the Special Forces but has come to mean anyone who will go tothe extreme to accomplish an impossible miss (MORE)
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What is Designator Hitter?

A position allows teams to designate a player, known as the designated hitter (abbreviated DH ), to bat in place of the pitcher each time he would otherwise come to home pl (MORE)