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Where is HMS Bulldog now?

Vessel is in Herma Shipyard, Philippines, awaiting a conversion to a Mega-Yacht. Interior has been stripped to nothing.
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Where does Harry Potter find the diadem?

Harry Potter finds the Lost Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw in the Room of Requirement after thinking "I need the place where everything is hidden." It was perched atop "a stone bu (MORE)

Why Pythagoras wore diadem?

Because he saw himself as better than everyone else, diadems were wore as a sign of royalty, he probably thought of himself as an extreme intellect.
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What are the HMS in Pokemon HeartGold and soulsilver?

The HMs will be: Rock Smash Falkner's Zephyr Badge of Violet City's GymThe HM is found in Route 36 just talk to a fat guy and he will give it youCut Bugsy's Hive Badge of Aza (MORE)
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Where is hm strength in Pokemon rijon?

When you have surf, go back to Hayward city and surf to the house you couldn't get to before. Inside there's a man, who will give you strength, if you return his thing (i'm so (MORE)

What is the HMS beagle?

  His/Her Majesty's Ship Beagle. It is the ship that Charles Darwin made his famous voyage of discovery on. The trip has been memorialized in the book The Voyage of the (MORE)
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Where do you get HM mudslide in Pokemon Ruby?

There is no HM Mudslide, there never has been. If you mean Surf, then you get it after the 5th gym. The "mudslides" you encounter in the game are actually steep slopes that yo (MORE)