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What is a hoax?

\nA hoax is a deliberate attempt to dupe, deceive or trick an audience into believing, or accepting, that something is real, when the hoaxster knows it is not; or that somethi (MORE)

What is an Internet hoax?

An internet hoax is a rumor that gets started on the internet and quickly goes viral. Some famous internet hoaxes include needles in cans of Pepsi, ants eating a baby, spiders (MORE)

What are Internet hoaxes?

Internet hoaxes are mistruths or exaggerations that often attemptto have readers perform some type of preventive action. Thepreventive action more often than not has a negativ (MORE)
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Is nephilim hoax?

The Nephilim was a race of Supermen alluded to in Genesis, the old line (There wee giants of the Earth in those days, and also after that)- H"mm not a bad description of Walki (MORE)

How can you detect a hoax?

Different types of hoaxes can be disproved in different ways. In photo or video evidence objects may not cast shadows or the shadows may vary in darkness and number also shape (MORE)

How can a virus be a hoax?

There could be two kinds of hoaxes arriving by email involving or pretending to be about viruses (or virii): 1. You receive an email which looks legitimate; it might have a (MORE)

What is the definition of Hoax?

Hoax is a trick or joke played on a person. It often has unintended consequences and in some cases can be illegal. The are sometimes used in connection with attempts to defrau (MORE)
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What was the viking hoax?

I believe you are referring to the Kensington Stone. it is NOT named after Kensington Avenue in Jersey City, seat of the Convent of Saint Aloysius! Kensington was evidentaly t (MORE)