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In 'The Hobbit' what is an eyrie?

It is referring to the nest of an eagle or other bird of prey. (Usually up in trees, on high cliffs, etc.) So in The Hobbit, where it says Thorondor (Lord of Eagles) kept eyri (MORE)

What strange creatures inhabited Esgaroth in The Hobbit?

There were two species of giant birds living in Esgaroth: the Great Thrushes, and the Great Ravens. They were both much larger in size than the common kind, lived for well ove (MORE)

What creatures did Bilbo Baggins encounter in 'The Hobbit'?

He first encounters trolls that are going to eat him and his companions (Dwarves), some Goblins in the mines, Gollum, then Beorn, Spiders in the forest, the Wood Elves... a Dr (MORE)

Describe a hobbit and a Hobbit Hole?

Hobbits are short people who never do anything unexpected or go on any adventures. Most hobbit holes are built into the side of a hill. They have a door on one side, and ano (MORE)

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