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What is a hobo?

A hobo is a homeless person who was little money. Not all hobos are forced out of their homes some of them never had homes and they really want to have a house with changed cl (MORE)

Why are hobos hobos?

Because they did not find the proper financial success in life to support them with proper shelter. and they need something to get them help

What do hobos do?

live by railroad tracks, make homes outside out of anything they can find, build camp fires, get their own food, and collect pop cans for money.
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Why are there hobos?

there are hobos for many reasons depending on the hobo some hobos are there because the government took their job and then their house and theirfamily left them another reason (MORE)

Why is the name hobo hobo?

Originally the expression was 'Ho, beau...', meaning 'Hello, handsome...' There are a variety of possibilities besides the one mentioned above: "Ho, boy!", a greeting used (MORE)
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Why do you have to have hobos?

let me put it this way would you like to have an invasion of hobos or an invasion of naked mole rats
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