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How do you answer A qué día estamos hoy?

The question asks: What day is today? The answer would be: Hoy es  (for example: lunes/Monday).
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If jodi is hoi but kintu what ki?

This is a crafty bengali joke. The words that are in bengali are  the translation to the words in english.

How do you answer cómo estás hoy in spanish?

The question is asking how are you/what's up. So, you would answer with how you're doing or what's happening. You can answer with your mood. If you want to make a full sente (MORE)

How do you answer Que dia es hoy?

What day is today? You answer with the day of the week. Hoy es [day of the week]. Here are the days of the week in Spanish: Sunday - domingo Monday - lunes Tuesday - (MORE)

What nationality is the name 'Hoy'?

My Grandfather was from Denmark. So I would say Danish. 2nd Answer: The family surname Hoy has Irish and Scottish origins. Please see the related link listed below for more in (MORE)

How do you answer la fecha de hoy?

La fecha de hoy is translated to English as 'today's date' (Google Translator). To say a certain date correctly in Spanish, try using the following:     el día (the (MORE)

How do you answer que ropa llevas hoy?

"Que ropa llevas hoy?" means "What are you wearing today? The answer, naturally would be "I am wearing X", or "Llevo X" Some things worth wearing includes Pants/trousers (MORE)

What does hoy que toca mean?

"¿Hoy Qué toca?" is an informal expression asking what is scheduled for today or what's the plan for today. The literal translation is "Today, what plays/touches?" but tha (MORE)