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Why is sign language a universal language?

Sign Language is not a universal language. There are over 75  recognized manual languages in the world, and each of them has  various dialects, regional languages, and home (MORE)

Is the English language a language of destruction?

Yes, agree. English, is a world international language and that's  great. But it's having too much of a dangerous effect on other  languages. Malaysians, Filipinos, Mexicans (MORE)

What languages were derived from the language of the Vikings?

The Vikings spoke a language called "Old Norse". Today, the main descendants of Old Norse are: IcelandicDanishNorwegianSwedishFaroese Today, only Icelandic and Faroese retai (MORE)

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What is language?

Basically, language is the symbols we use in order to  communicate with one another, and the rules that govern how we use  them.   We are wired to learn language from ou (MORE)

What language is the parent language of English?

English is commonly referred to as a mongrel language, in that it doesn't have on specific parent language, but has evolved over the years from many different languages. In ge (MORE)

What languages come from the latin language?

All the Romance languages came from the Latin language. There are more than 40 Romance languages spoken in the world, but the most notable are: Catalán French Galiciano Gallo (MORE)