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What is Lein holder?

Answer When you owe a person, company, or government entity a sum of money they can place a "lein" on your assets. This could be your home, car, anything you own. The "lein" (MORE)
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What is thermometer holder?

Thermometer holder is a tool to hold the thermometer for taking the different reading of the body,liquid, or mass. So this holder helps to hold the thermometer,this holder is (MORE)
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What is stake holders?

Is any group or individual who has an interest in or is affected by the activities of a business. It can be internally or externally.
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What are Torah holders?

You may be referring to the Atzei Chaim. These are the two wooden poles around which the Torah is rolled. They are typically about 18 inches (45 cm.) long and an inch (2.5 cm. (MORE)
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What does pencil holder do?

as the name may suggest, pencil holders hold pencils (and sometimes pens). It does not take up too much space and it can hold quite a variety of pens and penccils. It has alot (MORE)
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Holder in due course and holder?

A holder in due course can potentially have more rights than than the original party. A holder merely has the same rights. However, a Holder under a Holder Due course has the (MORE)
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What is a punch holder?

a punch holder is like the little things on the punch holder that hold the clippings....duhhh!
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What is an LED holder?

Usually it is a small plastic mounting device / clip for physically fixing LED's (Light Emitting Diodes) either on a PCB or in a hole on a panel.
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What is a soapstone holder?

When you weld, you need a temporary marking solution so you use soapstone bars. soapstones can also come in round form. They are very brittle so you get either a bar-shaped or (MORE)
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What is key holder?

Employment term for someone that opens store having key/usuallypays a little extra as a result