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Who is Norman R holler?

There is an obituary listed for a Norman R. Holler who passed awayin 2010. He was 66 years old at the time of his death and buried inBoston.
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What is the definition of hollering?

The verb "holler" means to shout or yell. The term "hollering" is seldom used formally, having a connotation of rural slang. Examples: What was all the hollering about? He ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with hoop and holler in?

hoop rhymes with soup, coop, and shoot. hollering rhymes with tollering. and if you meant holler, coller, taller, and smaller all rhyme with holler.
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Where did the word holler come from?

Frrom middle ages French 'hola' meaning stop - literally 'ho there' and adopted as an Americanism in the 1830's
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How do you Spell hollering?

The word hollering is slang, a form of the verb to holler , meaning to yell.
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What is the genre of the book Ruby Holler?

I love that book, but I haven't read it in a while; I would say it is either Realistic Fiction if you want to be specific or just plain Fiction if you want to be general.
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What is an antonym for hollered?

If you are having trouble with antonyms, come up with easier synomyms for the word and come up with antonyms for those easy words. In your case, "HOLLERED" can have many synon ( Full Answer )
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How do you translate hollering into a verb?

Hollering is actually already a verb. It's the present participle of "holler". Holler is a regular verb. The past tense is hollered.
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Is hollered and announced the same meaning?

No... the proper way of saying hollered is saying that you shouted a bit longer than a shout. Announcing means that you just project your voice over a crowd and tell some ne ( Full Answer )
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Is hollered an adjective?

It could be, but like the verb holler , it would be colloquial and rarely seen. "He ignored the hollered warnings and continued across the mine field." To holler is a colloqu ( Full Answer )