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What is the definition of hollering?

The verb "holler" means to shout or yell. The term "hollering" is seldom used formally, having a connotation of rural slang. Examples: What was all the hollering about? He (MORE)

Did jesus whoop and holler?

No He did not, for He was modest in all He did. His laughter was gentle . He had a sense of humour but He showed it in a manner suited to His calling. Actually, it could be (MORE)

What is an antonym for hollered?

If you are having trouble with antonyms, come up with easier synomyms for the word and come up with antonyms for those easy words. In your case, "HOLLERED" can have many synon (MORE)

Is hollered an adjective?

It could be, but like the verb holler , it would be colloquial and rarely seen. "He ignored the hollered warnings and continued across the mine field." To holler is a colloqu (MORE)