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What is an antonym for hollered?

If you are having trouble with antonyms, come up with easier synomyms for the word and come up with antonyms for those easy words. In your case, "HOLLERED" can have many synon (MORE)

What does holler nuff mean in Tom Sawyer?

it means "You should indicate that you have had enough (punishment, pain, etc.) by yelling (holler) "Enough" (nuff)
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What is the name of the poem about wanting to slide into heaven sideways beaten up and hollering after living life to the fullest?

  I thought the name of it was Sliding into Heaven.     Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well p (MORE)

What does head of the holler mean?

A holler is a valley in the Appalachian mountains -- it is dialect. The head of the holler would be the origin, or beginning of the holler.
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Just a whoop and holler away?

This is a mountain phrase that means "within hailing distance," which may be a mile or more away. It comes from the mountaineers' way of yodelling or whooping to each other fr (MORE)