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What was Judy Garland's last film?

Discounting TV specials- her last Film was given the title- rather appropriate for a songstress: I Could Go On Singing!. It was made in l962 or l963 and was said to be adapted (MORE)

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What was the last silent film?

    Silent films are still being made, so there is no "last silent film".       However, if you are referring to the last commercially viable silent Ho (MORE)
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Is the last unicorn a Disney film?

  No. According to IMDb, its production companies were Rankin/Bass Productions and Incorporated Television Company (ITC) and it was originally distributed by Jensen Farley (MORE)
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What is the plot of the film The Last Samurai?

The plot of the famous film "The Last Samurai" takes place in Japan during the 1870's and tells the life story of Captain Nathan Algren, a veteran of the American Civil war.
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