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When did home computers become popular?

If you want the straight answer, 1997 would be a good year, though 1995 was the true breakthrough year. Windows 95 was the first "must-have" product-- before Windows 95, thing (MORE)

Can you use a laptop as your home computer?

Yes. there is no reason why not especially with the info you can fit in them these days. For most computing tasks a Laptop is just as effective as a Desktop. If you plan to do (MORE)

What are the advantages of home computer for the children?

The advantages are that of a higher educational opportunity because of the vast amount of resources available on the Internet such as WikiAnswers and Answers that will allow t (MORE)

Uses of computers at home?

  Computers at home are needed to: 1. Write important documents and print them in a font everyone understands ( because not everyone understands every ones handwriting) (MORE)

What computer controlled things are there in the home?

Washing machines. Bread maker. Microwave oven. Central heating programmer. Digital TV CD player DVD player/recorder VHS tape machine Cordless DECT phone Mobile (cell) phone.
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How are a work computer different from a home computer?

A home computer is often using the latest technologies such as  processors and software to suit home use. These computers have a  short model life as new processors and grap (MORE)

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