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What is bestHome equity line of credit or home equity loan?

It depends on your goal. A home equity loan has the benefit of a fixed rate and payment, but you can not re-use the funds as they are paid back, and you pay interest on the wh (MORE)

How do you calculate the payments on home equity loans?

  Answer   If you mean deteriming what a payment might be for a given interest rate and a given loan term, try "Karl's Mortgage calculator", or go to the w (MORE)
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Can you get a home equity loan if you are out of work?

Lenders require steady income with a history that can be documented and a future that can be reasonably assumed. So a non-working retired person with a pension sufficient to m (MORE)

How can you stop foreclosure on your home equity?

Contact your bank as soon as possible to make arrangements to bring the loan up to current. Or, find a way to refinance the loan, which may or may not work if your credit is b (MORE)

Can you get a home equity line of credit with instant equity as collateral?

No. Any home equity line uses the underlying property as collateral. A home equity line will only be extended if the following are all true: * The valuation of the home sugge (MORE)

What are the benefits of Home Equity?

Home equity is the value of a homeowner's property minus all the money they owe on that property (as mortgage or liens). The benefit of home equity is that a person can borrow (MORE)