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What is a home equity loan?

  Answer     The simple answer is "any loan that uses the equity in your home" or "any loan that places a lien on your home"is a home equity loan.   It can b (MORE)

How do home equity loans work?

    A home equity loan is a way of cashing out your investment in your house.   Basically you're borrowing against your investment -- your equity-- in yo (MORE)

Bankrupt a home equity loan?

If you lost the home or no longer own it you can do chapter 7 (if eligible) and have this debt eliminated. If you are still in the home and want to keep the home but reduce or (MORE)
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How do you figure out the equity in my home?

All you have to do is take the fair market value of your home and subtractany and all mortgages against your home. This difference will give you theamount of home equity you h (MORE)

Can you renegotiate your Home equity?

In short, yes. Any note is negotiable if the note holder feels it is in their best interest for some reason. For all practical purposes, can you just call up your lender and a (MORE)