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What is a home equity loan?

  Answer     The simple answer is "any loan that uses the equity in your home" or "any loan that places a lien on your home"is a home equity loan.   It can b (MORE)

How do you Refinance home equity loan?

If you have a 1st mortgage you can roll the two together into one low 30 yrs at 4.5% with no money down depending on your value of your property....but you can as (MORE)

How do home equity loans work?

    A home equity loan is a way of cashing out your investment in your house.   Basically you're borrowing against your investment -- your equity-- in yo (MORE)
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Can you get a home equity loan if you are out of work?

Lenders require steady income with a history that can be documented and a future that can be reasonably assumed. So a non-working retired person with a pension sufficient to m (MORE)

Bankrupt a home equity loan?

If you lost the home or no longer own it you can do chapter 7 (if eligible) and have this debt eliminated. If you are still in the home and want to keep the home but reduce or (MORE)

How can you get home equity loan?

A home equity loan is a type of loan in which the borrower uses the equity in their home as collateral. Home equity loans are based on the amount of equity you have built up i (MORE)