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Are genes DNA?

No, the terms are not used in the same way. Genes are specific segments of DNA that code for proteins. All genes are made up of DNA, but not all DNA is made up of genes.
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What is a gene and what does it do?

A gene is a segment of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that contains information for making proteins, which carry out traits that are passed down from a parent or parents that mak (MORE)
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Why are genes regulated?

The primary reason genes are regulated is to keep a cell from overproducing a protein that it does not need. A good example of this would be E. coli. E. coli is capable of pro (MORE)

What is gene mapping?

dont trip gene mapping is a procedure by which you find out what type of genes are present in the chromosomes of a living organism. you identify the location of genes also. fo (MORE)

What are the structures of Genes?

The Fine Structures are as follows: 1) The Start Codon: Met is specific for one amino acid [Met] yet f-Met uniquely specifies the Start codon. 2) There are two kinds of 'upst (MORE)

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What are deleterious genes?

The general definition of deleterious is "harmful". A deleterious gene is a gene that generally decreases the fitness of the individual.
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What is Bt gene?

A gene isolated from a bacterium that produces a crystalline protein that when eaten by insects shreds their insides kills them. Acts as an effective biological alternative to (MORE)

What is gene locus?

Gene locus is the exact location on a chromosome in the nucleus of the cell, where a gene is located.
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How do you find genes?

There are several ways of finding genes, including: - labeling and detecting DNA binding proteins that you think may bind to your gene of interest (DNA combing) - taking the (MORE)
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Can genes evolve?

Genes don't specifically "evolve" but they do mutate, and genetic variation is created when organisms reproduce sexually. These two functions lead to evolution. Gene's are a h (MORE)