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What is homeostasis?

Homeostasis is the maintenance of a constant internal environment  in organisms even when there are external changes. For example, the  body is able to maintain its same tem (MORE)
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How is homeostasis regulated?

its controlled by negative feedback mechanism NEGATIVE FEEDBACK MECHANISM: a system which automatically brings about a correction regardless of which side of the optimum the (MORE)

What does homeostasis do and how does it do it?

Physical excercise places greater demands on the abilities of the body to maintain a steady state.. Extra heat generated during excercise must be dissipated or abandoned, oxyg (MORE)

What is a cats homeostasis?

A cat's homeostasis is the ability to maintain internal equilibrium  by adjusting physiological processes. A cat must maintain  homeostasis in order to stay healthy. Some of (MORE)

Why homeostasis is important?

Homeostasis is what regulates your body temperature and keeps you at a constant temperature, for humans it is 98.6 F. Homeostasis is what causes you to sweat, and shiver. You (MORE)

Does a worm have homeostasis?

All animals have a type of homeostatic behavior within them because Homeostasis is the regulation of the internal environment to compensate for a change in the external. Witho (MORE)

How do you definite homeostasis?

homeostasis is the set of actions of the being in order to remain intact despite changes in the environment. ie fever when you have a virus shivers when your cold etc
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What does the homeostasis do?

Homeostasis is the regulation of internal biochemistry to maintain a constant internal environment. Without this constant regulation, living organisms would be unable to funct (MORE)