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What is homeostasis?

Homeostasis is the maintenance of a constant internal environmentin organisms even when there are external changes. For example, the body is able to maintain its same temperat (MORE)

What does homeostasis do and how does it do it?

Physical excercise places greater demands on the abilities of the body to maintain a steady state.. Extra heat generated during excercise must be dissipated or abandoned, oxyg (MORE)

The control of homeostasis?

homeostasis is controled in the hypothalamus the thalamus and blood sugar is controlled in the pancreas. The main control centre would be the hypothalamus, monitoring and impl (MORE)
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Why do organisms have to have homeostasis?

It is not necessary to have homeostasis- all organisms do not have it. Homeostasis is the process of maintaining a unique individual environment(for example a set body tempera (MORE)
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What is h homeostasis?

Homeostasis means any self-regulating process by which biological systems maintain stability, while adjusting to conditions with dynamic responses that are optimal for surviva (MORE)
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What does the homeostasis do?

Homeostasis is the regulation of internal biochemistry to maintain a constant internal environment. Without this constant regulation, living organisms would be unable to funct (MORE)