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What is homeowners insurance?

Homeowners need insurance protection in the event of damage totheir property. That's basically what homeowners insurance offers:financial protection in case disaster strikes. (MORE)

What can a homeowner do to be green?

people every homeowner should have a recycle ling bin to recycle cans and other stuff this one way what a homeowner can do to be Green is to plant tress in the backyard and i (MORE)

How can you get out of a homeowners association?

You can get out by selling your home. If the HOA agrees to let you out, you can opt out, but in neighborhoods, this is unlikely. If there is some legal problem with the HOA, (MORE)

Do you have to have homeowners insurance?

If you own the home, with no mortgage on it, no, you do not have to have insurance. That said, it is very ill advised to not have insurance. When buying a home, insurance is g (MORE)

Does a homeowner have to have insurance?

Depending on the home loan, you may be required to have insurance.If you buy your house out right, there is nothing requiring you tohave insurance. Unlike driving a car, you c (MORE)