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Does the homeowners association have the right to keep settlement monies from the homeowners?

Your question implies that your association and its board pursued a cause of action -- whether through negotiation, mediation or a court of law -- and was awarded a cash settl (MORE)

Homeowners insurance and basement flooding?

If you are filing a homeowners insurance claim because your basement was flooded then be sure to be specific when making the claim because most homeowners do not have flood in (MORE)

Is homeowners insurance required?

  Answer   genius guy,i think its a good idea to get homeowners insurance.   Answer   If you own the house outright, then no it is not required bu (MORE)

What is a Homeowners Association or HOA?

Generally, when you purchase real estate, you'll be informed as to  whether or not your property is covered by an HOA or other common  interest community scheme. If you are (MORE)

Does your homeowners insurance cover reconstruction?

It depends on what level of insurance you purchased.    Some policies are based on Replacement Valuation and will pay to  completely rebuild the home in the event of a (MORE)

Do you have to have have homeowners insurance with a credit line?

Yes, if the line of credit is a home equity line where the home is the collateral for the loan then you will have to prove that you have insurance on the home for the home equ (MORE)

Can hoa restrict homeowners visitors?

Generally, no. A property owner has the right to peaceful habitation and that includes guests. If your visitors are a burden on your neighbors, noisy, messy or doing criminal (MORE)