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How do you set a homepage?

Navigate to the page you wish to set as your homepage. Click "Tools" in the menu at the top of your browser. Then click "Options" or "Internet Options" from the drop down menu (MORE)

What is a homepage?

Homepage is the first page you face with when you first enter one site. For example, when you typed the URL "" in your browser's address box and click the go (MORE)

What is homepages friends?

  Homepages Friends are revolutionising the way we search the Internet.Every year search engines such as Google generate billions of dollars through advertising, all off t (MORE)

How do you get your homepage?

Click on home button of your browser somewhere on the top (in  toolbar) Or press Alt+Home on your keyboard. You will be shown up  your homepage now. But if you meant to "how (MORE)
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Can a slideshow be your homepage?

I dont think so. If you have your own webpage, most likely you can upload a Powerpoint presentation to it and have a clickable link where it will cycle through slides that y (MORE)

What is the definition of homepage?

The homepage is simply the first page a visitor would see when they view a website. The can navigate through loads of pages, but there should always be a link back to the home (MORE)