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What is a hominid?

A hominid is any member of the biological family Hominidae (the "great apes"), including the extinct andextant humans and mammals. This classification has been revisedsever ( Full Answer )
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What is hominid?

\n. \na member of the family Hominidae, the family of man. The generally accepted genera are Australopithecus and Homo.
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What is hominid evolution?

Hominids are a type of primate including humans. Humans are the last surviving type of hominid. Theories suggest hominid evolution is a form of replacement evolution.
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What does hominids mean?

Hominids are early ancestors of humans that date back 2-3 million years ago. . A man named Louis Leakey found some bones of Austrolopithicus in Africa in 1970. . Austrolopit ( Full Answer )
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What did hominids made?

—Simple stone tools which they used to chop —Made stone axes for chopping and for digging. —Made fire! Caused by lighting or volcanoes.
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When was the first hominid?

The first hominid was dated back 4.4 million years ago. It was named Ardipithicus Ramidus. A team of experienced Paleontologists spent 10 years trying to find the whole skele ( Full Answer )
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Who was Lucy the hominid?

It was one of the first hominids that was was found almost complete. The name "Lucy" came from a Beatles song the people digging the skeleton up listening to.
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Who are the first hominids?

The first hominds have either perished or yet to be found. If anthropological evidence found till date is true then the oldest discovered are only links to the other species l ( Full Answer )
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When did the hominids live?

during the era of B.C.E "Before Common Era" from 1 to 6 million years before.
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What was the strongest hominid?

It was most likely the Gigantopithecus ("giant ape"), an ancient cousin of the modern day orangutan. It is estimated to have stood 10 feet tall and weighed 1200 lbs. This si ( Full Answer )