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What is a homogenate?

  Cells are broken up by a homogeniser (blender). This releases the organelles from the cell. The resultant fluid is known as the homogenate, which is then filtered to rem (MORE)

What is product homogeneity?

This condition is characterized by all the firms in an industry producing a standardized product.
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What is homogeneous?

A substance that is uniform in composition is a definition of homogeneous in Chemistry. This is in contrast to a substance that is heterogeneous Usually homogeneous in chemi (MORE)

What is the definition of homogeneous?

Answer . Both alleles of one trait are either dominant or recessive. Not one dominant and one recessive. For example, the homogeneous hair of a cat would have both alleles (MORE)

What is homogeneous mixture?

the materials are evenly distributed such that you cannot distinguish one material from the other. This is a mixture where the components are thoroughly mixed and invisible (MORE)

A homogenous substances?

A homogenous substance is one in a single phase. The term  homogeneous is used in material science and physical chemistry.  Sulfur, water, sucrose, and baking soda are examp (MORE)
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Is homogenized milk a homogenous mixture?

  No. Chemistry texts have long cited milk as a good example of a heterogeneous mixture. Milk "homogenization" is a high-pressure filtration process that just breaks the f (MORE)

Difference between homogeneous and homogeneous?

I'm sorry, but you wrote "Difference between homogeneous and  homogeneous?" If you meant the difference between homogeneous and  heterogeneous, then heterogeneous nucleation (MORE)