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What is a homogenate?

  Cells are broken up by a homogeniser (blender). This releases the organelles from the cell. The resultant fluid is known as the homogenate, which is then filtered to rem (MORE)
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What is homogeneous?

A substance that is uniform in composition is a definition of homogeneous in Chemistry. This is in contrast to a substance that is heterogeneous Usually homogeneous in chemi (MORE)

What is the definition of homogeneous?

Answer . Both alleles of one trait are either dominant or recessive. Not one dominant and one recessive. For example, the homogeneous hair of a cat would have both alleles (MORE)
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What is homogeneous mixture?

the materials are evenly distributed such that you cannot distinguish one material from the other. This is a mixture where the components are thoroughly mixed and invisible (MORE)

A homogenous substances?

A homogenous substance is one in a single phase. The term  homogeneous is used in material science and physical chemistry.  Sulfur, water, sucrose, and baking soda are examp (MORE)
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Is homogenized milk a homogenous mixture?

  No. Chemistry texts have long cited milk as a good example of a heterogeneous mixture. Milk "homogenization" is a high-pressure filtration process that just breaks the f (MORE)

Difference between homogeneous and homogeneous?

I'm sorry, but you wrote "Difference between homogeneous and  homogeneous?" If you meant the difference between homogeneous and  heterogeneous, then heterogeneous nucleation (MORE)