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What are homologous chromosomes?

homologous chromosomes are chromosomes that are paired during meiosis. They consists of four chromatids. One pair comes from the father and the other, from the mother.The homo ( Full Answer )
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What are homologous chromosome?

Answer . chromosomes in a biological cell that pair during meiosis, or alternatively, non-identical chromosomes that contain information for the same biological features an ( Full Answer )
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What is homology?

The similarity in-between different species and different phylogenetic groups that shows which ones are more closely related based on their amount of traits in common example/ ( Full Answer )
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What is a homologous series?

In chemistry, a homologous series is a series of organic compounds with a similar general formula, possessing similar chemical properties due to the presence of the same funct ( Full Answer )
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What is homologous series?

A homologous series is a family of organic compounds that: *have the same general formula. *have similar chemical properties and *show a gradual increase in physical pro ( Full Answer )
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What are the features of homologous?

a homogulous series is a series of hydrocabrons which have the same type of bonds. i.e. are grouped by either single, double, or triple bonds, and thus follow a generic formul ( Full Answer )
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Is a fly homologous?

No. To know if traits are homologous, you need to compare it between things. It is like asking, is the man taller?
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Are gametes homologous?

Gametes are the male and female reproductive cells, sperm and eggs. These cells are produced by a cell that undergoes meiosis. That process creates 4 haploid cells, haploid me ( Full Answer )
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What are homologs?

Homologs are another term for homologous chromosomes. They are a pair of chromosomes of the same length, centromere position, and staining pattern that posses genes for the ( Full Answer )
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What are homologous stuctures?

Homologous structures look-alike or work in the same way. A chair leg and a desk leg work in the same way. A dog's leg works like a human leg. All of these structures either l ( Full Answer )