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What is homophobia?

Homophobia is an irrational fear and hatred for homosexuality and gay and lesbian people in general. It occasionally disappears when they discover that a close family relativ (MORE)

How do you know if you have homophobia?

A "phobia" is an irrational fear. Homophobia is the irrational fear (and usually dislike) of homosexuals. It is usually caused by the person's actual fear that they might (MORE)

When did homophobia start?

Probably with the first gay person, because the very first gay person probably lived thousands of years ago, and most people thought that gay people were despicable then.

What causes homophobia?

The word "homophobia" gets tossed around a lot. Technically, a "phobia" is an unreasoning fear of something. People may have an irrational fear of water, for example, or heigh (MORE)

Why do people have homophobia?

My opinion: natural fear of anything "different"; a feeling that sexual activity between members of the same sex is repulsive; mythology about homosexual origins, behavior, et (MORE)

Is homophobia bad?

Technically, homophobia is a phobia -- an unreasonable fear, in this case of homosexuals. Any phobia is "bad" in the sense that it hurts the person with the phobia. It can als (MORE)
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Why does homophobia occur?

Homophobia occurs because the people who are not straight, are not accepted. People beleive that if your not straight, your not normal, and so it leads to hatred towards them. (MORE)

Is there homophobia in Israel?

Homophobia is in every country, but Israel does have one of themost gay-friendly cultures on the planet. Gay people would onlyfind significant homophobia in Muslim and Christi (MORE)
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When did homophobia occur?

Most likely, homophobia has existed in one form or another, sincethe dawn of civilization, albeit to a lesser degree in tolerantsocieties, and completely absent from some soci (MORE)

What is the definition of homophobia?

Homophobia means irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. . The term was first introduced in 1969. . Strictly speaking "hom (MORE)