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What are the issues of homosexuality?

I suppose it would depend on your views. A Christian might believe that an issue with being homosexual is the fact that it is considered a sin in the Bible. Really, there is a (MORE)

When was homosexuality legalised?

In the UK, homosexual activity has been legalised in England andWales since 1967. It was legalised in Scotland in 1981, and in Northern Ireland in1982. Civil partnerships have (MORE)

Where was homosexuality legalised?

Homosexuality was legalised in the following countries (except forvietnam, where it was ALWAYS legal): Albania. Legal since 1995. American Samoa. Legal since 1899. (MORE)

What can you say about homosexuality?

TO answer your question about homosexuality its a sin God doesnt like it he despies it and he showed it when he destoryed sodom and gomorrah God bargained and said if u can fi (MORE)

How does homosexuality occur?

There is some scientific evidence to suggest that homosexuality is genetic. However, there is even more evidence to suggest that homosexuality is psychological. Some scientist (MORE)

What do you think about homosexuality?

Homosexuality is something that either a man/woman is born with. This is not a disease of any sort. Homosexuality is also a great thing when yo think about it. You now have a (MORE)