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How do you summon a homunculus?

ANSWER 1 You actually can not 'summon' a homunculus. But you 'create' it. In Fullmetal Alchemist, a homunculus is created by human transmutation. Since human transmutation (MORE)
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What is a homunculus?

A homunculus is the nerve map of the human body which exists on theparietal lobe of the brain.

What is the homunculus?

Homunculus refers to the mythological concept of an artificially created human, presumably brought into existence by way of alchemy.. In the most relevant sense of the word, (MORE)

What is the golem or homunculus?

Golem and Humunculi are both man made creatures which resemble human beings. Golems come from Jewish mythology, are made of clay and are brought to life by having one of th (MORE)
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What lobe is the homunculus?

The sensory homunculus is associated with the post-central gyrus in the parietal lobe, the motor homunculus with the pre-central gyrus in the frontal lobe. These gyri (gyra?) (MORE)
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Is a homunculus real?

No. The mythilogical creature doesn't exist. It is a real word though, and used in several fields. See related link.