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What is the importance of honesty?

Honesty is important for many reasons, not the least of which is that telling the truth is the right thing to do. When you are not honest, you run the risk of weaving a web o ( Full Answer )
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Integrity and honesty?

Integrity and honesty in the job interview must be conveyed. Theinterviewer will likely not recommend a candidate who lacks one ofthese qualities. The company must be able to ( Full Answer )
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A definition about Honesty?

This question could have many answers. For me honesty is theact,quality or condition of being honest or to be truthful.
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Examples of honesty?

Honesty means being true. It can mean telling the truth, not lying. It can also mean being consistent and not hypocritical. If you hold yourself out as an opponent to smoking, ( Full Answer )
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Why honesty is important?

Honesty always pays. It is still a best policy. If you are dishonest or tell a lie, then there is a very good chance you would be found out. And your dishonesty will come back ( Full Answer )
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Why do you need honesty?

Honesty is a key to any group functioning well, be it a family, anorganization, or a country. When there is no honesty, there is notrust, and a lack of trust leads to numerous ( Full Answer )
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How is honesty shown?

How Is Honesty Shown ? is to trust one another and to be responsible and be trusted with others stuff ! do the right thing's guy's and don't lie , tell the truth . it's ( Full Answer )
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What is value of honesty?

nothing. it is an abstract noun. however, roman's believe it is worth a googleplex people.
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Is honesty an adjective?

No, honesty is a noun, a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for adherence to moral principles; conformity to high standards of ethics ( Honesty is the best policy .) The ( Full Answer )
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Is honesty a verb?

Honesty is a noun. There isnt really an active verb form of honest. You cant say: I "honested". However, you can say: I was honest. In this case, honest is an adjective and wa ( Full Answer )