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What do you do on your honeymoon?

When a couple goes on honeymoon, they do many things together. But the most important thing they do is they have sex. When the couple are in there room the man starts to give (MORE)

What do you do on a honeymoon?

Every different sex position possible!!! Other than that, you get to know your spouse. Take time to explore each others bodies if you have waited for sex. If you have not, (MORE)
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What is the purpose of honeymoon?

Traditionally, it's when a newly married couple have intercourse for the first time. Just as important, it's when the couple get away from family, friends, and everyday issues (MORE)

What happens on a honeymoon?

After the wedding celebration, the newlyweds goes on honeymoon, somewhere special, or one of their favorite place. They would make love, and enjoy activities together, like bo (MORE)

Do Hindus have a honeymoon?

In Hinduism, Hindus have first-night and not honeymoon. Nevertheless, if the couple are willing, they may go for a honeymoon too. First-night or wedding night (Popularly Kno (MORE)

What you do in honeymoon?

Honeymoon is a very special moment for a couple in their life. Oneknows each others interests, likings, dislikings etc. One can have candle light dinner, you can give a surpr (MORE)

Why is honeymoon called a honeymoon?

According to wikipedia: The term honeymoon originates from the tradition that the in-laws of the couple were required to supply a month's worth of honey wine
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What is The Honeymooners about?

The honeymooners is about a bus driver Ralph and his sewer worker friend Ed as they struggle to make it rich, while their wives look on with weary patience. The sitcom was the (MORE)