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Why isn't Hong Kong communist?

Hong Kong is not officially under Chinese control, and therefore, it retains its own independence on subjects including government. The People's Republic of China only interve (MORE)

What is the economic system of Hong Kong?

1. Free market economic   -Laissez- faire policy   It promotes a free trade and market. Except some industries, such  as the provision of public transport, everyone c (MORE)

Why was Hong Kong important to Britain?

Simply because Hong Kong generated vast sums of money for the UK as it handles a large percentage of international trade and is a key player in the global financial services s (MORE)

Where is Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is located on the southeast coast of China at the mouth of the Pearl River facing the South China Sea.
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What can you visit in Hong Kong?

  Hong Kong has many attractions that keep visitors coming back again and again. The most popular are: The Peak Tram which travels to a huge viewing platform overlooking H (MORE)

What are Hong Kong and Macau?

They are two Special Administrative Regions of China. They are partially self-governing and partially democtatic. They are like this because they were both Colonies. Hong Kong (MORE)

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