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What is honor?

Honor is a word that has different meanings for different people thus making is obsolete. eg. Terrorists who blew up the World Trade Center can be viewed as honorable. Jap (MORE)
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What are honors classes?

"Honors" classes are advanced placement classes for students who want more of a challenge in their schoolwork. In many schools, they are described as "not more work, but diffe (MORE)
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How is Sacagawea honored?

There are at least 23 statues that honor the Native American guideof the Lewis and Clark expedition. She was only 24 years old whenshe died in 1812.
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What is the difference between honor and honor?

'Honor' is the common North American or United States English spelling. 'Honour' is how it is spelled in English in all other parts of the world, but mainly in Europe.
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Why should you be honored?

I think that they should be honored because they were the first black men in the civil war it they did not d that we would not have any freedom right now.
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What was the pentagon in honor of?

The pentagon is not in honor of anyone or anything. It is a geometrical form, and the building of that name is a large structure housing the headquarters of the US armed force (MORE)
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How do you honor Poseidon?

Well people could stop polluting his kingdom and killing his subjects for a start. Okay, anyway the way the ancients Greeks used to honor the Gods was by burning food in a bra (MORE)
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When do you use the word honors and honor?

Honors is a convention of education, reserved for thosewho perform at the highest level of academics. "She graduated withhonors." Honor addresses the respectability and wort (MORE)
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What is correct an honor or a honor?

It can go both ways. ***************************************************************** "A honor" is awkward to pronounce, therefore "An honor" is correct. The two words are (MORE)
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Is it third honor or third honors?

The terms third honor and third honors can be difficult todecipher. Most often it is used in the present tense term of 'thirdhonor'. However, it would depend on how the term i (MORE)