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What is maid of honour?

its like the groom has his best man and the bride has a maid of honour . so it's like a special bridesmaid
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How do you get honour in evony?

You don't want honor, it reduces the amount of troops you receive back when you lose them in battle.
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What is honour rationing?

Honour rationing was introduced to help combat shortages . Canadians used less butter and sugar and the government introduced meatless fridays and heatless days . This was all ( Full Answer )
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What things do you do to be honourable?

Act with integrity; earn other people's trust; justify respect for your willingness to help others and ignore unintended slights.
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Is a d an honour?

If the question is referring to French playing cards, the answer is yes. D = Dame.
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What is the verb for honour?

The word honour can be a verb or a noun. verb - Today we honour our soldiers. noun - I had the honour of meeting the King of Samoa
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Is it an honour or a honour?

It's "an honour". The 'h' is silent, and we don't pronounce it. Example: - "You're an honour to us".
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What is verb of honourable?

Well I am not really a English genius but that much i know. Honourable verb is honouring.
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What is noun of honoured?

The word 'honoured' (honored) is the past participle, past tense ofthe verb to honour. The past participle of the verb also functionsas an adjective (an honoured citizen). ( Full Answer )
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Is honour an adjective?

No. Honour (US spelling honor) can be a verb (to praise, to observean agreement) or a noun. Related adjectives are honored andhonorable.