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Why do Kangaroos hop?

Kangaroos hop because they cannot walk. Kangaroos' legs are  specially designed for hopping and bounding. They are unable to  move independently for walking, and the long hi (MORE)

How do you Pro-Hop?

A Pro-Hop is a move that is more formally known as the "jump-stop" or "jump-step." A jump-step is when you are driving or moving with the ball and then putting both hands on t (MORE)

How do you pro hop or power hop properly in basketball?

    Answer     While running jump off of one foot, land on both feet at the same time. You have just power hopped. From this position you can jump once.
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A animal that hop skip and jump?

You're looking for an animal that can hop, skip, and jump? I assume you mean "besides human beings"? :-) My vote is for the Horse. We all know horses can jump. That leaves (MORE)

Why do Jack Russell terriers hop?

Jacks hop because its easy for them. their legs are set at just the right angle and lenght to give them the right force to hop. they have powerful back leg muscles which allow (MORE)

What are some hip hop moves?

some hip hop moves are the juke, the heel toe, the glide, the harlem shake, the moonwalk, the crip walk, the cupid shuffle, the cupid work, the soulja boy, the sponge bob, the (MORE)

Is growing hops in your backyard illegal?

Check with your local law enforcement to be certain, but people in my area grow them in their backyards for decoration fairly frequently. They are a very large plant which nee (MORE)

Who sings hip hop to the hippity hip hip hop?

  M.C. Wonder Mike of The Sugar Hill Gang. Song entitled "Rappers Delight" on Sugar Hill Records.
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What is a sock hop?

    High schools used to have dances in the gym. They made kids take off their shoes. So, they danced in their socks.       During the 1950's, teenagers wou (MORE)

Which animals can hop?

Hopping is a way of getting around. Animals that hop are; frogs,  toads, kangaroos, rabbits, kangaroo mice, hares, mountain goats,  and the klipspringer.