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What is the closest airport to Hopewell Virginia?

The nearest major airport is Richmond International Airport (RIC / KRIC). This airport has international and domestic flights from Richmond, Virginia and is about 19 road mile (MORE)

What did the Hopewell Indians eat?

Hopewell Indians were hunter / gatherers. They ate a typical  stone-age diet, fish, and meat - berries and plants. In their  eating habits, the Hopewell fit between hunter-g (MORE)

Where was the Hopewell plantation in Louisiana?

There are probably more than one Hopewell Plantation in Louisiana, but Hopewell Plantation in South Louisiana was in East Feliciana Parish, south of Jackson, La. It is no long (MORE)

What kind of food did Hopewell Indians eat?

Recent research has told archaeologists that the Hopewell people supported themselves by hunting and fishing, as well as collecting wild plants and berries (especially nuts) a (MORE)

What type of shelter did the Hopewell Indian have?

Alas, that is one of the great mysteries of the Hopewell. With no writen records, most of the information we have is from what we've dug out of their mounds. The only clue in (MORE)

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