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Why does a frog hop?

Every animal moves around in its own way. Hopping is a way for afrog to move forward, it is used to get away from enemies,traveling and going after food.

When do kangaroos hop?

Joeys can hop as soon as they leave the pouch. Kangaroos hop whenever they want to move anywhere. It is their method of getting around. They cannot walk, but if they want to m (MORE)
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Can a beetle hop?

Paul McCartney, and all the other "beetles." But if you are asking about the insect then, no, I don't think so. Do an experiment and then mail me!! If you of coarse, possibly (MORE)

Where did hop hop come from?

a rabbit? or if you mean "hip hop" then it came from contemporary pop and jazz music. by using rock rythms, rock/pop instruments, and "rapping". if you want to trace the root (MORE)

What is hip hop electro hop and alternative hip hop?

Alternative hip hop could be many different things. It could talk about subjects not in normal hip hop. It could also be because it isn't as popular because it is more hardcor (MORE)

Why hoping as in hope and not hopping as in hop?

Hope/hoping and hop/hopping are two different verbs. Hope - a desire for something to happen. I hope I do well on the exam. (Hoping is the present participle.) Hop - to (MORE)

What is hop to hop network?

In computer networking, a hop represents one portion of the path between source and destination. When communicating over the Internet, for example, data passes through a numbe (MORE)