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What is a hop in a network?

A "hop" has to do with network routing. If you are on a particular IP network, for example, and you need to get to, data must travel through a router. (MORE)

Why do Kangaroos hop?

Kangaroos hop because they cannot walk. Kangaroos' legs are  specially designed for hopping and bounding. They are unable to  move independently for walking, and the long hi (MORE)

How do you Pro-Hop?

A Pro-Hop is a move that is more formally known as the "jump-stop" or "jump-step." A jump-step is when you are driving or moving with the ball and then putting both hands on t (MORE)

What is hops Is it a grain?

  Hops are not a grain. Hops are vines, a perennial; the part that is used to flavor beer is called a 'berry' although it resembles a small, soft-leaved, green pine cone. (MORE)

Do elephants hop?

  no, neither can they jump or skip, they only like to have one foot off the ground at any one time . They are not made that way, they are just too heavy
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How do you do the hop polka?

Standing on the balls of your feet, hop up on one foot and land on that same foot. Then take three small steps. Repeat, starting with the other foot. The hop step is actually (MORE)

What was island hopping?

An Allied strategy in the Pacific of invading selected islands, and using them as bases to advance closer to Japan. By doing this, it spared many American Lives. It also was (MORE)

What is a sock hop?

    High schools used to have dances in the gym. They made kids take off their shoes. So, they danced in their socks.       During the 1950's, teenagers wou (MORE)

Which animals can hop?

Hopping is a way of getting around. Animals that hop are; frogs,  toads, kangaroos, rabbits, kangaroo mice, hares, mountain goats,  and the klipspringer.