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Who is Horace?

The god who helped unite Upper and Lower Egypt.. The god who helped unite Upper and Lower Eygpt.. The god who helped unite Upper and Lower Eygpt.

Who was horace?

Quintus Horiatis Flaccus, more commonly known as Horace, was bornin the Roman Republic in 65 BC. He was the most distinguishedwriter of lyric poetry of his time.

Who is horace Jackson?

Horace Jackson was a screenplay writer who lived from 1898 to 1952.Some of the movies he wrote the screenplay for are Men Are SuchFools, Bolero, The Animal Kingdom, and Women (MORE)

Was horace mann married?

Horace Mann, the education reformer, was married twice. He was married to Charlotte Messer Mann in 1830, until she died in1832, ( it was a death he never recovered from ) and (MORE)
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Why is Horace Pippin important?

he is important because he is apart of blacks history and he is a painter that never gave up what he loved and he did what he had to do to be better

What is Horace satire?

A Horatian satire (the term comes from Horace, a Greek writer) is a light-hearted, not so serious satire that pokes fun at many things. An example would be Candide by Voltaire (MORE)