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Was horace mann married?

Horace Mann, the education reformer, was married twice.   He was married to Charlotte Messer Mann in 1830, until she died in  1832,   ( it was a death he never recove (MORE)

Who said What did horace say?

It comes from a radio programme during WWII. Harry Hemsley had a family programme which featured 3 children, the youngest being Horace. Being the youngest, Horace wasn't abl (MORE)

Why is Horace Slughorn in slytherin?

He is cunning and ambitious enough to come up with a way to get close to future achievers in order to get free stuff when they become big later in life. He seemed pretty good (MORE)

How did horace mann change education?

Horace Mann wanted to have public education to be free. In the time period he was trying to enforce this rule, in order to be in school you must pay a teacher or like today a (MORE)