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Was horace mann married?

Horace Mann, the education reformer, was married twice.   He was married to Charlotte Messer Mann in 1830, until she died in  1832,   ( it was a death he never recove (MORE)

Is Horace Mann related to Logan Mann?

Horace Mann of Massachusetts took lead in education reform. To  Mann, public financing of education was essential for democracy to  work. He said:   "If we do not prepar (MORE)

Who was horace mann and what achievements did he make in the field of education reform?

He was a man who was president of Atinoch College and is often called the "Father of Education" He campaigned in Massachusetts for better education, established the Normal Sch (MORE)

How did horace mann change education?

Horace Mann wanted to have public education to be free. In the time period he was trying to enforce this rule, in order to be in school you must pay a teacher or like today a (MORE)